सीएमपी पहल


In order to give desired attention to primary education and to improve the spirit of the child for inspired learning and monitoring of KVS flagship programme, CMP is promoted for strengthening primary and quality improvement of primary education.

The following qualitative indicators are suggested.

1. Infrastructural facility

2. School management

3. Parental support

4. School and classroom environment

5. Curriculum and teaching learning material.

6. Classroom practices and processes

7. Opportunity time and

8. Learners assessment, monitoring and supervision

Developing supporting system

In order to adhere to the varied needs of teaching learning process the following activities are undertaken.

 The TLM is prepared, used and exhibited either in the class or in the resource room.

Multimedia is used wherever possible which is a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video and interactive content.

Computer room contains computers connected with internet and LCD

A photocopier and two printers are being used in the primary department constantly.

Primary activity room is a store house of TLM prepared and purchased, which is being utilized now and then when needed.

Other physical facilities like resource room with display board, and white board are in constant use.

Classroom library was set up with the help of school library. Transparent cupboards are used to display the books attractively according to the level of the children.

Flannel board which is in front of the primary block a house wise display.

Each class has a long flannel board for the subject wise display apart from all necessary displays like time table.

The contingent fund of Rupees 5000/- is being utilized to meet the expenditure for the above said activities.




 Supervision is being done by the Principal. HM and follow up work being undertaken

Lesson wise planning is being maintained in the lesson plan diaries.

 As per the new semester pattern the teachers are guided to follow the required assessment.

Remedial time table is scheduled and effectively undertaken to coach the slow learners

The school gives room for inclusive education. The children with special need are taken care.



Madurai cluster comprises of eight schools.

1. KV Narimedu Madurai                                            5. KV Nagercoil

2. KV Vijayanarayanam                                              6 KV virudhunagar

3. KV Rameswaram                                                    7. KV Sivaganaga

4. KV Thiruparankundram                                          8. KV Mandapam

The cluster meetings are conducted quarterly to exchange the ideas related to teaching         

 learning process and other school activities

 As per calendar of activities cluster school CCA /sports / Cubs are planned and well executed effectively.

It is a platform to exchange worksheets, power points and question papers.

Interaction between the senior Teachers / HM helps to interchange the ideas and execute in their own school.


Individual school undertakes sports and games activities as per schedule, apart from the cluster activities.

Planned CCA programs ensure maximum participation and encouragement

All the children are divided into four groups of different clubs, which kindles them to enhance their creativity. Exposure in the club activities, improve their choice of interest too.

Monthly film show enhances the knowledge of the children and promote moral values

To develop sense of responsibility towards elders programs like grandparents day is being celebrated.

Children are given opportunity to take part in external activities like interschool competition and science Olympiad etc.

To promote creativity among teachers and to make their enthusiasm alive, teachers are motivated to present papers on different topics about learning process for various awards, so as to keep their interest alive.